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1 January 1921

Registration of Aliens is enforced and the beginning on the control of movement to/from Brunei Darussalam. Based on the law, foreigner  except for non-British, citizens under British, His Majesty's citizen and Ireland's citizen who have been staying in the country prior to the implementation of the law are required to report themselves to the nearest police station. They will be issued a document which indicates period of stay in Brunei Darussalam and the document must be returned to the police station (where registration has been made) when the person intended to leave the country.

14 November 1923

Passport Enactment is enforced. This law required anyone who is intended to enter/exit Brunei to own and to show their valid passport or travel document.

8 February 1934

Passort Enactment is replaced with a new passport law known as Passport Rules.

6 September 1947

Immigration Law (Undang-Undang Imigresen) is enforced. The law identify on those who is eligible to enter, those who is forbidden to enter the country and its operational procedures. All of the laws indicate above is under the purview of the police.


The police department introduced a section namely as Immigration section. This section was responsible in carrying out duties related to immigration. The section was located at Bangunan Cawangan khas at Jalan MacKerron, Kuala Belait which solely act as the headquarters. The section runs by an Immigration Officer, Assistant Immigration Officers and civilian staffs along with police officers.

1 October 1956

Passport rules is replaced with Passport Rules 1956. The immigration section was being transferred to the Brunei town (currently known as Bandar Seri Begawan) at Tingkat 1, Bangunan Tukang Perak, Jalan Robert.